Do you have corrugated boxes that you no longer need or are planning to throw away? We can help! At Kemel Cartons, we buy used or new corrugated boxes from businesses just like yours, providing an eco-friendly solution that benefits both parties.

How It Works

1. Quantity Requirement:

  • We purchase boxes in quantities of 250 or more of the same size. If you have a large batch of boxes that meet this requirement, we’re interested in buying them from you.

2. Consistent Supply:

  • Do you regularly have a surplus of boxes? We can set up a recurring arrangement to collect boxes of the same size on a schedule that works for you.

Why Sell to Us?

  • Eco-Friendly Solution: Reduce waste and help the environment by giving your boxes a second life.
  • Convenient Process: We arrange for pick-up at your location, making it easy and hassle-free.
  • Competitive Pricing: Get paid for your surplus boxes instead of paying for disposal.

Ready to Sell?

Contact us today to discuss your supply and arrange a pick-up. Let’s work together to create a more sustainable future!