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ECT (Edge Crush Test)

There can be a lot of new technical terms in the cardboard box world when purchasing boxes. One of the most common and important ones is ECT. ECT stands for Edge Crush Test. This test is a standard for measuring the strength of your cardboard box.

What is ECT?

ECT is the amount of pressure boxes can support as they are stacked, usually on a skid. It is a universal standard way of measuring how heavy duty your box is. The Edge Crush Test is measured in many levels. The three most common levels that Kemel Cartons stocks are 32 ECT, 44 ECT, and 48 ECT.

ECT is used as a way of telling you how heavy duty your box is. As an example, 32 ECT is similar to a standard box strength. 44 ECT is a heavy duty box strength. 48 ECT is a heavy duty double wall box strength.

Why is ECT important?

ECT offers customers a gauge for how heavy duty their box is. If you need to stack product that is small but very heavy, a small box with a high ECT would work best. If you are storing a large lightweight object, you can opt for a larger box with a low ECT. For most applications, a 32 ECT will suffice.

Kemel Cartons is proud to offer many levels of ECT at our Winnipeg location in all of our used, new, and custom cartons to better handle your needs. If you require a custom level of ECT, we would be more than happy to help you find what you’re looking for.