Cashing in on the booming box business

Subscription boxes in Winnipeg Manitoba

Subscription boxes have seen a boom in popularity recently. With e-commerce stores experiencing a massive growth, offering a subscription service is an easy way to secure steady guaranteed business over short or long periods of time. With subscription boxes, there are a few things you need to think about before implementing them as part of your business.

Levels of Subscriptions

Many companies offer a few different levels of subscription boxes for their customers. This is usually categorized by price. Cheap, mid-tier, and expensive boxes are the standard. Depending on your products it might only be viable to have 1-2 levels instead of 3. 

Design of Subscription Box

Subscription boxes need to be fun for the customer. Receiving a package of your favourite stores goods should feel like Christmas morning. Kemel Cartons can print any custom design on your boxes and will find that perfect box that you’re looking for to fit all of your needs. Along with printing, Kemel Cartons can find you that perfect box that will satisfy your customers.

How often are your subscription boxes going out?

This is an important question for your business. A smaller company may only be able to afford a subscription box that goes out quarterly, as opposed to a bigger business who can do this monthly. Gauge your customers and product to find out the sweet spot when people will need to stock up again.

Kemel Distribution is a sister company of Kemel Cartons. They can warehouse your product, assemble your subscription boxes, and ship them out so they reach your customers on time. Taking the headache and planning out of your hands.

All in all, you need to have a well designed box that people love to open. One that can cater to the specific needs of your products. The Kemel Cartons and Kemel Distribution team can handle your subscription box needs from start to finish. Please contact us or Kemel Distribution more information.

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